At Maku Cinematic we strive for professional yet creative films that will represent and express your vision. We are always excited to start a new project because it is a new oportunity to share our creativity. With every film we produce, we take time and pride in sharing your story. Each moment we film has a purpose and we want you to feel that sense of importance as well. 


As so many things in life, some of the most brilliant achievements arise from love and family. When we decided to help others share their lives through visual media, we also wanted to tell our story in a way that was both personable and genuine. That's when we decided to take our passion and turn a hobby into a business. Our unique logo was created after a short trip visiting our family in Poland. When you look through our website, you will see images of our lives that are ever so special. Within these images, there is a sense of comfort and happiness we have always found and would like to share. 


Maku Cinematic may have had humble beginnings, but with every memory that we capture our family continues to grow. We look forward to sharing this experience with you, and hope it will bring the same happiness to you as creating it will for us. 


Thank you for being a part of our memories. 

Mario Ayala

​Film Maker and Editor


I began filming in my early twenties. Growing up with a mother that graduated in Europe as a Film and Broadcasting Major,  it was easy to fall in love with this hobby. After a while my hobby caught the eye of friends and family, and before I knew it I was filming my siblings getting married; those unique experiences 

moved me to start my own business.  There is a great level of detail that I love to portray in every film I create. My goal is to project my clients' vision or that special day into a creative reality, that they may forever keep and enjoy.

Elizabeth Pakuła-Ayala

Film Producer


I was born and raised in Poland, a country that is rich with culture, poetry, philosophy, and history. In that atmosphere, it was easy to be 

fascinated with stories and storytellers. I can remember having 

dinner in the evenings and listening 

to my grandparents tell family tales. As I got older, my fascination only grew. With a passion for stories, I excelled in both research and presentation. My interests later led 

me to a technical broadcasting school where "telling stories" through visual media, such as photography or cinematography, could become a career. Years later, I became a mother, and collecting my children's memories came naturally to me. Whenever we took a trip or celebrated a birthday, it was my opportunity to film and later share these moments. Apart from vacations, we also moved on several occasions over the years. Although we were often separated from our extended families, the letters, pictures and videos helped fill that gap wherever life took us. Along with filmmaking, I've taken an interest in making Contemporary Memory Books. These photo books are able to preserve many special moments. The goal of my work has always been to leave a family legacy for my children and grandchildren. 




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